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Hey guys, I'm Kayla. I'm a wife and mother of two sweet kids and one puppy. I am a genuine soul with a tender heart hidden under some thick armor. I am a perfectionist through and through. I love making lists, organizing anything, and getting more tattoos. I tend to cuss like a sailor and can never turn my brain off. I love driving with the windows down and the radio turned up. Music is almost always on when I'm around. I am a foodie and love trying out new places to eat. Can't forget a good cup of coffee or red beer mixed in with a whole lot of sarcasm. 

I am constantly working on ways to improve myself, not only as a person but as an artist. Photography has given me a creative outlet for all my ideas and I fucking love it. 

I am both a studio and natural light photographer, but prefer the consistency of studio lighting. I love neutral tones, lots of texture, deep shadows, minimalist sets, and a polished finish. I love printed artwork with a touch of stained wood. 

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